You think I am wrong . . . here is their tag line “We like epic s##t”.

Ok . . . in fairness Google’s ATAP lab has not said they don’t see any applications for seniors, but if you look at the articles and other press coming out of the lab it’s seems as if they are not really aware there are people who are over age 40. 

You think I am wrong . . . here is their tagline “We like epic s##t”.

Regina DuganWhat makes this all super weird is that the head of ATAP is a woman by the name of Regina Dugan, who, according to Wikipedia, is 52, not that far from 60.

New Technology  

There are two new fascinating pieces of technology coming out of the super-secret Google ATAP lab that on the surface could provide huge benefits to seniors and senior living:

  1. They have, apparently, invented a way to embed electronics into cloth as a new input device and, seemingly, are targeting it at young adults. I find myself thinking they could embed all kinds of input devices and sensors into clothing that monitor activity, or even serve as an emergency call device.
  2. Not as much press about it, but maybe even more intriguing, are new sensors detect that smallest of hand movements. My mind just soars with all of the possibilities, from fall detection, to detecting and counteracting various tremor diseases, to early detection of changes in a person’s health condition. 

Why It Is Stupid

Those who are in the 60+ age cohort represent about 20% of the population, about 61,000,000 people. These are individuals who have money and will spend money for the things they need and want. The 20-45 age group is significantly bigger but not so much so that they should be the sole focus, particularly given that the older age cohort has most of the money.

I am more and more convinced that big business in North America is completely missing the boat and this includes or maybe specifically includes the tech geeks like Google.

Silver Lining – Part One

There are some people, though not many big business, corporate America types who have figured it out. AARP probably better than any other organization has recognized the buying power of the 60+ gang.

My friend Mary Furlong figured out this opportunity more than a decade ago and regularly consults with companies looking to sell into the Boomer space. She sponsors two conferences a year that really address this huge opportunity. Next up is the one-day Silicon Valley Summit Boomer Summit that takes place June 30, 2015. As a Senior Housing Forum reader you can get a 20% discount by using the code: SV15-SHF.

Silver Lining – Part Two

The great thing about a capitalistic system is that when there is a void in the marketplace it means opportunity. In this case, it means opportunity for Steve Moran. We have begun the process of launching a new newsletter that will more broadly focus on the vast opportunity to create products and services for those who are age 60 and above or soon will be. The target audience may include senior living providers, but will primarily be large and small companies that have come to realize the 60+ age group is a largely untapped marketplace.

The business model will be very different in that this will be a paid subscription newsletter. That’s all your get right now. I expect it to roll-out towards the end of the year.

Steve Moran