Senior Housing Forum and ServiceTrac have teamed up to survey the industry.

By Steve Moran

Gallup is well known for it’s state of the FILL-IN-THE-BLANK surveys. The two I find most helpful are “The State of the American Worker” and “State of the American Manager” reports. They are a helpful starting place but because there is so much variability from industry to industry, their data provides zero insight into the senior living world.

We see the sector talking about these things:

  • An impending shortage of caregivers

  • An expected increase in the cost of frontline employees

  • A shortage of great leadership talent

We don’t really know very much except anecdotally, about the state of senior living leaders. In an effort to correct this, Senior Housing Forum and ServiceTrac, a Senior Housing Forum partner, have teamed up to survey the industry.

We are interested in hearing from you if you . . .

  1. Currently work for a provider organization

  2. Currently work for a vendor providing products or services to the industry

  3. Have any interest in the industry at all.

We will keep the survey open for about 4 weeks, then report back what we find. And if you take the survey, you have the option to enter your email address for a $100 Amazon gift card. Your email address will not be correlated to the results and you will not be put on any list.

Your participation will make the industry better for everyone.

Here is the link: