Some portion of the stuff I think and publish is and will be wrong.

StarwarsI once read a story about a theology professor talking to a bunch of emerging preachers. Before he would start a new term he would warn his students that at least 15% of what he would teach them would turn out to be wrong, adding that the big problem was that he just didn’t know which 15% it would be. 

It is my fair warning to you as well, as a reader of Senior Housing Forum. Some portion of the stuff I think and publish is and will be wrong. I just never know, at the time of publication, which articles, which thoughts, which ideas they are. Time often reveals the truth.  

Almost two years ago I wrote an article titled Is Ageism the Next Stupid, Politically Correct Cause? where my premise was that this whole ageism thing was way overblown. I am not so sure I was right! Take a look at this Star Wars 2015 “trailer” produced by Saturday Night Live:

On one hand I found the clip to be very funny; on the otherhand it suggests that when people get older . . . and these people are not that old . . . they are frail and get stupid.  The big problem for me is that I believe the elders of this country — the individuals we serve in the senior livng industry — have a lot of good tread left that could be put to good use. These portrals of elders create a mindset that makes it just a little bit harder to see older people as . . . well people. I am afraid that even those of us who work in the industry sometimes fall victim to the mindset.

And yet . . . some will likely argue, it’s just satire, just humor . . . I am not quite sure but I do see potential for harm.

Your  thoughts?

Steve Moran