The story of a hero in the midst of an outrage.

When licensing gave notice that the facility(this place does not deserve to be called a community)  Valley Springs Manor   was being closed, the managers, owners and almost all of the staff walked off the job leaving more than a dozen elderly  residents to fend for themselves. At least some of those residents would likely have died if not for Miguel Alvarez, 33, an $8-an-hour janitor who was just trying to earn some extra money for the holidays. 

For two days Miguel and cook Maurice Rowland stayed behind to care for the residents as best they could. This meant changing diapers (the adult kind), trying to feed residents make sure they got their medications and generally trying to protect them as best they could.   They did this knowing it was unlikely they would get paid, but also knowing it was the right thing to do.

Here is the whole story: Castro Valley: Janitor saw elderly become weak


How can the state licensing department come in and close this facility without making sure all of the residents are transferred to someplace safe?  Those people should be investigated and fired.