By MaryLee Herrmann

Ouch! Another paper cut.

Do you know the feeling?

Almost as bad . . .

How many times does your resident admissions or sales manager need to repeat “sign here, and here, and here” to each new resident as they work through that huge stack of forms required for move-in? It’s the same information on each one but they all need to be filled out.

One by one. Painstakingly slow, all done by hand.

Then . . .

Regardless of how meticulous everyone is, something gets lost in the shuffle. That leads to another chunk of time spent going back through trying to figure out which form is missing.

And how are the out-of-state family members with power-of-attorney supposed to get the 2-inch binder of signed forms back to you since they trashed their fax machine 20 years ago?

Page by page on their cell phone?

What’s going on? Why is paperwork still being done as if we’re in the 1900s? We have online forms, we have computers, there has to be a better way.

Thankfully, there is. While you get Band-Aids for your paper cuts, let me tell you about your new automated paperwork partner, Senior Sign.

Senior Sign has designed an online all-in-one paperwork tool specifically developed for senior living. And it’s completely automated. All your admission forms, including physician’s orders, are put into paperwork packets for easy completion online. New residents or patients and their families can use this tool to easily complete and sign forms in person or at home.

There’s a separate dashboard for each resident. They only have to enter their information once. It’s all done at one easy-to-use, secure online location.

Additionally, there is a dashboard for your entire community, as well as a dashboard for all the communities in your network. Talk about having easy access to the information you need! You might miss the stacks of paper all over your desk that you have to dig through, but I doubt it. Now you can put photos of your family there where you can see them.

“It’s Like You’re In Our Head”

Senior Sign (a Foresight partner) is composed of the yin and yang team of Neil Krauss, founder and chief experience officer, and Jared Hancock, CEO.

Because of Neil’s background in hosting, software, and websites, when a sales manager of a senior living community asked him, “Can you put all our move-in papers online?” he worked out exactly how to do just that. Senior Sign’s customers, the ones currently using their platform, have said, “It’s like you’re in our head.”

“It’s all the result of really listening. Neil really listens,” Jared said. Using his superhuman (according to Jared) listening skills, Neil gathered insight directly from the director of a senior living community and, incorporating HIPAA requirements, created Senior Sign, which offers a simple way to manage all the paperwork for each resident in one online location. Simple and complete.

More People Less Paper

Jared liked taking on the challenge: “More people, less paper!” As CEO of Senior Sign, Jared built a winning team to design the platform with senior communities’ needs in mind.

Other Senior Sign benefits include:

  • Increased security—the files are safely stored and encrypted
  • Saved activity logs
  • All files are automatically backed up
  • Unified forms for company connectivity

Jared says, “We’re about empowering and giving time back to sales and marketing managers to keep their building full, and provide great service, a very needed service to seniors.”

This is why Senior Sign’s developers are constantly working on updating and upgrading the system based on the needs of senior living communities— to empower their staff, to make their job easier, and have more time to take care of residents, not just administration duties.

The next innovation they’re working on is real-time interaction between administrators and residents. 

“I’m passionate about solving real problems for real people,” Neil said. “That’s what Senior Sign is all about.”

You can get more information by contacting Senior Sign, and thankfully, no more paper cuts.