Help potential residents focus on their new home and not get stuck in the quagmire of senior living industry terminology.

By Christi Diggs

“I think my mother has Medicare but I’m not sure,” said a friend recently. “In fact, I’m not sure what would happen if my mother wanted to move out of her home—especially if she really couldn’t live entirely on her own.”

I was having this conversation with a friend when I explained where I worked: SeniorVu. (SeniorVu is a Senior Housing Forum partner). She asked, “What do you do again?”

I said, “SeniorVu helps communities take control of their sales funnel with our senior-living focused Contact Center.” SeniorVu does that AND lead generation, among other services, but I didn’t want to overwhelm my friend.

That’s when she brought up Medicare — she assumed that Medicare would pay for her mother’s future living experience. But is that true? The answer isn’t always simple. Our Contact Center helps people wade through senior living jargon that can be confusing and overwhelming.

“I would say there are people who may not understand the difference between Medicare and Medicaid and also what their health insurance can and can’t pay for,” said Tara Manley, Family Advocate Manager of SeniorVu’s Contact Center.

In my friend’s mind, she thought that Medicare covered long-term care costs. She didn’t realize that her mother would need to pay privately or potentially transition to a Medicaid certified community after a spend-down.

The good news is that my friend found this out before having to make decisions on the spot — standing in the hospital speaking with a case manager or while visiting her mother only to find her overwhelmed with her home and needing an immediate change.

When I speak to area professionals, they often say that’s one of their jobs — to explain how senior living community options are designed and to discuss choices. It can turn into a frustrating conversation for the new potential resident or family member.

Having a resource like SeniorVu’s Contact Center team can help the potential resident focus on their new home and not get stuck in the quagmire of senior living industry terminology.

SeniorVu clients love it when a prospect comes ready to tour after speaking with our Contact Center and really understanding some of the next steps.

We’ll continue on our quest to help make the road clear — making the transition (or translation) as smooth as possible.

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