Leaders need to be talking to each other about their challenges, opportunities and victories…

By Steve Moran

Actually it does have a name 

Senior Living Leadership Hub

But when I first wrote the article it didn’t.

One of the weirdest paradoxes in the growth of Senior Housing Forum is what has happened in the comments section following each of the articles. We have a very liberal policy about commenting. With the exception of pure SPAM, to the best of my recollection over the life of the site, I have removed one comment that I deemed to be just too commerical (though the author of the comment still disagrees) . . . and it was a close call.  

For some articles I wrote in the first year or two, there were thirty, forty, fifty comments. The best ever was something over 70 comments. As the site gained traction and the traffic increased, weirdly the number of comments has gone way down.  

This bothers me because I think the best way to improve the industry is for leaders to be talking to each other about their challenges, opportunities and victories.   

A New Venture

First, Senior Housing Forum is continuing to flourish and grow. It will not be going away. In fact it will become the anchor for this new project. I want to introduce it like this:

  • Would you pay $100 per year to fill just one extra unit in your community?

  • Would you pay $10 a month if you could reduce your employee turnover by 50%?

  • Would you pay $100 per year to have access to some of the greatest leaders in the senior living/long-term care sector of the economy?

We are launching a new website that doesn’t even have a name yet, that will be sort of a Facebook community for great senior living leaders who are are always seeking better ways of doing things, thinking about things, and leading.

It will be a place to ask questions, share ideas and learn new things. Twice each month we will hold exclusive online leadership events that will only be available to members. If you can’t make it live, they will archived for later viewing.   

If you have something you need to figure out and would like to run it by some other experts, this will be the place to do it. You will even have the ability to ask these questions anonymously, since it might be a challenge with a boss, a subordinate or a coworker.   

It will also be a great place to talk about the new and great things your company, your team is doing. A place to brag, to share those cool things you create press releases for and they never really go anywhere.

Starting Small and Slow

We expect to launch this site in the next three months. It will be subscription based with a charter rate of $10 per month or $100 per year. If you are a vendor, you will be welcome to join as well, though the cost will be higher.

I would note that I love vendors and they will add a lot to the community but it will not be a place to just post advertisements . . . something that has effectively wiped out most of the value of LinkedIn Groups.   

We expect the membership rate will double so this is a good time to become a charter member; as a way to make our industry better, to hone your leadership skills, and to lock-in a low rate.  

At some point we will likely open the group up to anyone who wants to start, we want to carefully cultivate the charter membership so it will be invite only.   

Finally . . . 

We are talking to a number of senior living companies about company memberships that will include a private company only group. If you are interested in that, we would be glad to chat.

If you want to be on the invite list, fill-in your name, company and email below.  You can also download a pdf with more details here: