The Ohio Masonic Home in Springfield, Ohio, like essentially every single senior living company in America, has been struggling with staffing, including attendance.

By Katie Westfall, Corporate Director, The Ohio Masonic Home

The Ohio Masonic Home in Springfield, Ohio, like essentially every single senior living company in America, has been struggling with staffing, including attendance. On April 1, 2019, they launched a year-long “Perfect Attendance Program” across the organization.  

They are a non-profit, 55 and better senior living community and healthcare provider that owns and operates three campuses in Ohio. In April 2020, they will be giving away a brand spanking new Subaru Crosstrek to one of their employees for perfect attendance. They have partnered with Wagner Subaru in Fairborn, Ohio, to give back to their employees for the hard work they contribute day in and day out.

Lots of Prizes

Hourly, non-exempt, full-time and part-time employees have an opportunity each quarter to enter the drawing for the new car, as well as additional drawings for other valuable prizes including a large flat screen TV, a weekend getaway, and a gaming system. Additionally,  employees who have perfect attendance each month will be entered into a drawing for a $100.00 gas card.

The Ohio Masonic Home has made a concentrated effort to create a culture of “WE” across the entire organization. They are doing this by implementing new and unique benefits programs at each campus, holding campus employee events, and creating a culture dedicated to giving back to all employees. The Ohio Masonic Home has been able to grow both internally and externally state-wide, becoming an employer of choice in each of its markets.

“This is just another way to thank our employees for the hard work they do each and every day. WE have great employees across our entire organization providing outstanding service and exceptional care. WE want to give back to them and keep them engaged with our organization.” — Scott Buchanan, CEO of Ohio Masonic Home.

There is More

The “Perfect Attendance Program” is one of the many, unique and engaging benefits offered through The Ohio Masonic Home. In addition to this new program, the organization has implemented regular Town Hall Meetings, created the Mission Possible Program, introduced its Employee HOPE Program, completed annual employee satisfaction surveys, and restructured its tuition reimbursement program, all supporting “The Culture of WE” environment.  

Town Halls

Through regular Town Hall Meetings where employees attend from all campuses across the state, regardless of title and/or tenure, The Ohio Masonic Home is able to have open discussions on internal and external growth opportunities, implement changes, and share innovative ideas that each employee who is on the front line feels will help bring the organization to the next level, called the Mission Possible Program.

Ideas that have come from the Mission Possible Program include purchasing a washer and dryer for the therapy department, which allows residents to work on their IADL skills, to expanding the onsite recycling program and taking an existing courtyard and turning it into an outdoor break space for eating outside on nice days.

HOPE Program

The Employee HOPE Program was recently introduced to help employees when they are in a time of need. The Ohio Masonic Home understands that life happens and there are times when it might be difficult to make ends meet. For this reason, The Ohio Masonic Home introduced the Employee HOPE Program (Helping Our People Everyday) where an employee may apply for financial assistance to help with unexpected, emergent issues.  

In 2017, “The Culture of WE” began after working with an outside consultant, Drive-Outcomes Through Culture. Denise Boudreau-Scott, President of Drive and her team came onsite to each campus and the corporate office and conducted engagement sessions with employees through a multi-step process. This process included time with leadership, assessments with all levels of employees through individual interviews, focus groups with employees and residents, assessment reports, and concluded with goal setting retreats. Based on the feedback received, The Ohio Masonic Home was able to modify shift differentials, update the application process, create committees for employee retention, and design recruitment business cards ultimately resulting in the “Culture of WE” initiative.

The Drive Partnership

Another result of the Drive partnership was to implement annual employee satisfaction surveys. These surveys are sent out by The Ohio Masonic Home annually to solicit meaningful employee feedback. After reviewing the surveys, the organization develops actionable plans and implements changes in order to meet the needs of its employees. The results are measured and adjusted accordingly.  

Lastly, The Ohio Masonic Home recognizes that an educated workforce is an engaged workforce. The Ohio Masonic Home has modified its tuition reimbursement program. First, they increased the amount available annually to $5,000. Second, the organization restructured the program to allow employees, who are pursuing degrees and certifications outside of the healthcare sphere, to use tuition reimbursement to achieve their educational dreams, and third, they are in the early phases of introducing an employee tuition assistance program where they would pay the $5,000/year upfront to the learning institution instead of reimbursing the employee. This is still in the research phase but it is something the organization is actively looking into.

“This is a tough time for our industry in recruiting and retaining employees. At The Ohio Masonic Home, we continue to introduce new and unique ways to not only attract new candidates but also retain our current employees. Giving back to our employees is a key component of our success at The Ohio Masonic Home!” continued Buchanan.

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