By MaryLee Herrmann

What if a magic genie appeared at your senior living community and asked, “What wishes may I grant you that will make your job, and your life, easier?”

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

That’s why my ears perked up when I was listening to Dr. Danielle Ennesser of Lifestone Link (a Foresight partner) in a recent interview with Abbie Richie, host of Foresight’s Tech Tuesday, as Dani described the company’s philosophy when it comes to developing their resident engagement app.

We didn’t say, “Hey, here’s a product; you need to use it.” We asked, “What are your pain points? How can we make a product that is going to help you the most? Staffing issues are universal and international right now. So how can we help? How can we help relieve burdens?”

A company wanting to understand from your own words where they can help? I’m here for it!

Your First Wish

One such burden you might mention to your genie is for residents who are trying to find an internet space where they can connect with their families.

For the most part, many seniors love social media. They’re able to be in touch with their grandkids or great-grandkids and follow what is going on in their lives.

However, some larger social media platforms require more caution, particularly for seniors, who are often targeted by hackers or scammers. And younger generations are becoming reluctant to post photos out of uncertainty about where the images could end up. So, they figure, it’s easiest to avoid it altogether. Unfortunately, not only does this mean less interaction between families, but it can lead to isolation for some residents.

Your first wish is granted! Lifestone Link provides a safe space for seniors to connect in a technological world where families love to connect. And it’s simple to use because it’s all user-informed design!

Now you’re thinking, “Hmm, this all sounds great, but we’re not sure it’s in the budget for us. Thanks anyway, genie.”

But wait, you still get a second wish! Offsetting costs!

Your Second Wish

When Abbie asked, “When operators are using your software, what are the wow factors?” I leaned way in. Good question! What makes Lifestone Link stand out even more?

Dr. Essener’s answer? The Lifestone Link platform has an entire e-commerce marketplace and concierge services aspect. From a single login, residents can order products and services. A day pass at the pool? Right there. Groceries delivered? It’s there!

Using their own device, adult kids can order items for their parents all in one place. Less time running all over town, and more time spent visiting. Family members can even set reminders or prepay for flowers to be delivered to their loved ones ahead of time. Forget Mother’s Day? Not on your genie’s watch!

Here comes the wow: With this feature, whether it’s ordering from big partners like Kroger, or local vendors, Lifestone Link provides options for revenue shares between any transaction that happens on the platform. A donation button can even be incorporated should the resident wish to donate directly to the community — or perhaps a fund for the staff so the community can do something for the staff, a thank you for all of your hard work. Guess even genies love a good pizza party!

Your second wish is granted! Can this get any better? Yes!

Your Third Wish

No amount of pizza is going to take away the pains that overworked staff is experiencing already trying to use so many different software solutions. They could be logging in and out of 26 to 45 various programs all day to “make their job easier.” Genie, help!

Your wish is Lifestone Link’s command. In Dr. Essener’s words:

Being able to work with other tech companies that are willing to integrate with us so that we can create as much of a single pane of glass usage is really important for us, because that’s one of the biggest issues, especially from an operator standpoint.

Wishes Do Come True

And you thought you were limited to three wishes. Lifestone Link has a variety of additional features, all based on the pain points operators have told them they experience.

Families being able to schedule in-person and online visits directly in the app? It’s in there. Convenient for visitors, and it reduces staff calls and burdens by about 30%.

Smart menu so once breakfast is over, only “Lunch” and “Dinner” show up in the app? It’s there.

Lifestone Link uses science (though I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t a touch of magic in what they do) and their “people first” approach to problem-solving to further their commitment to making a difference in the quality of care and life for seniors.

Set up a demo at Lifestone Link, and let them know what they can do to make your job, and your life, easier.