By Denise Boudreau-Scott

The last time Steve asked me to guest blog, I shared a top-secret tool the CIA uses to problem solve (OK, so maybe it isn’t top secret, but it is really useful!).

Just to be safe, I went into hiding for a bit (or maybe I should just say it was quarantine?). I watched a ton of old reruns while on the lam (errr . . . quarantine). Including one of my old favorites, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Remember that game?

The best players always took advantage of the chance to:

  • Phone a friend
  • Ask an expert 
  • Poll the audience

I caught a rerun (or 20) of Millionaire while in, uh, hiding, and thought, “Man, a senior living leader who wants to be the best could really use something like this!”

A chance to pause the day, get some good advice, and solid support from people you trust, when you need it most. 

That was my turning point. I got up, shook the popcorn off my pajamas, emerged from my hiding place, and got to work.

Do You Need a Lifeline?

I knew with your world crumbling around you right now, that you didn’t have the time to throw out a lifeline. 

So, my team at Drive and I did it for you. We phoned. We asked. We polled.

We’ve assembled the tips and tricks that work in and out of senior living. We’ve immersed ourselves in the top leadership research. We’ve watched the webinars, we’ve listened to the podcasts, and we’ve read. Boy, have we read. 

We created a one-stop lifeline for you.

And the best answer, our FINAL answer is . . . (insert dramatic pause)

 . . . join Fearless in the Face of Crisis.

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This Isn’t a Game!

This isn’t a game show for you. The stakes are much higher. Some days it’s literally life or death.

That means those feelings of being lost and unsure must not have a place in how you lead.

You need more help, support, and confidence. You need a lifeline.

And you can’t possibly take on any more work yourself. You might snap if another person asks you for help. Why do they need you for every little thing?!

Exhaustion. Pressure. And no time. You have no time left for what you need to do. 

And for once, can you please get home with a little energy left in you?

I know, without a doubt, this course is exactly what you need to truly motivate your team through these scary and ever-changing times. While maintaining your sanity in the process.

I created Fearless in the Face of Crisis as an online, on-demand course that is incredibly easy to use and will take up hardly any of your time. Each lesson will give you the confidence and exact steps you need to get through these tough times.

This is not just to get you to the other side, panting and ravaged, and lucky to have a few war-torn team members still with you.

No, you can aim for better than that!

With Fearless you can make it to the other side of any crisis situation with plans, goals, dreams, AND a team excited about it all.

Click here to learn more about Fearless. AND don’t ever hesitate to say, “I’d like to use a lifeline!” The best leaders always do.