By Steve Moran

A year ago I would have been sitting on a handful of airline and hotel reservations. I would be busy setting up times to meet people for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or just for coffee. I would be thinking about sessions I wanted to attend.

All during the annual NIC Fall Conference.

This year . . .

The world . . .

The world of senior living is completely different.

Protecting residents and team members has become priority one. Followed quickly by resident engagement, access to PPE, managing costs, and figuring out how to restore or potentially grow occupancy to pre-pandemic levels.

Is NIC Worth It?

My pretty simple answer is YES. It is entirely possible that you need it more than ever this year. Here are six reasons:

  1. You will come away better equipped to operate successfully in both the aftereffects of the first few months and the new on-going reality we all face.
  2. You will hear from thought-leaders in the political arena allowing you to better plan your business strategy in a very complicated and uncharted environment.
  3. You will be inspired to lead with courage and power.
  4. You will be blown away by the NIC Talks. There is one of about five planned for this fall . . . I don’t think I can say who, that I had the opportunity to hear speak in a very small group, who will blow your mind with the things she will tell you about aging. To the point where you will go, “I am shocked, I have never heard that before.”I promise you this one session will be worth the price of admission!
  5. This will be the least expensive NIC you have ever attended. Not only will you save on registration, you will save travel costs, which is always more than the event itself. That’s a win – especially if you invite staff to learn and grow who never have had the opportunity to experience the event.
  6. From small groups to happy hours, not to mention complimentary access to NIC’s powerful new networking platform, the NIC Community Connector™, there will still be plenty of networking opportunities and that human connection piece may be the most critical. NIC’s Community Connector is the only year-round digital platform in Seniors Housing and Care that enables peer-to-peer networking based on common interests and mutual needs, providing efficiency in achieving business goals.


Here are some details:

  • The conference will run 3 days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) with about 5 hours of content and networking each day over a 2-week period.
  • There will be three tracks, Seniors Housing, Skilled Nursing, and Senior Care with focus areas in managing margins and realizing returns.
  • The interactive networking opportunities include facilitated and organic networking breaks, braindates™, small group discussions, and peer-to-peer sessions.

NIC continues to be one of the most important conferences for senior living leaders. I hope to see you there virtually.

Here is the link to more information and registration. See ya there!