By Steve Moran

I recently introduced you to TikTok senior living sensation Sarah Neal, senior life enrichment director at The Village at the Triangle, an Aspenwood community, who has developed an enviable following in just a few months. In my first article we talked about how many people are commenting that they wish they had a job like hers working in a place like that.

More Gold …

Reading through the comments, not only do you find lots of people saying, “I want a job like that,” but you find a whole other group of people who are saying, “I want to move into a place like that.” This tells us we are doing some things really, really right.


There are so many amazing stories to tell. Most of them are tiny, which is why we don’t collect them and retell them. Look at what Sarah has done. Every day, she is telling what are, in the day-to-day reality of senior living, very ordinary stories, but telling them in an extraordinary way. Because of her storytelling skills, she has a group of followers who would love to move in to her community.

When you get your storytelling right, people will be lining up to move into your community.