My thanks…

I know what I want to say, but this is about the 12th try at a first sentence. It seems both appropriate and weird to write an article of gratitude for the people who make producing Senior Housing Forum possible and successful.

It is appropriate because it is Thanksgiving week. It is weird because I wake up every single day with profound gratitude for my team. Here is who they are and what they do:

  • Pam McDonald – was my very first lifesaver. I am a good writer but a horrible copywriter, no matter how many times I tried getting it right, it seemed as if every article had some embarrassing errors in it. Pam has made it a million times better. Her role continues to expand with her contributing at least 6 articles per month and helping with a number of other special projects, including my first eBook which I hope to have out this week or next.

  • Sue Saldibar – As the number of partners grew, I needed an additional writer to help support those partners. Sue came highly recommended and she continues to do an amazing job. I read some of the things she writes and I find myself thinking “I wish I had written that.”  She is also helping me on some exciting eBook projects.

  • Kandi Smith – I need to start by saying that I first got to know Kandi when she was a senior in high school, and that was a few years ago. While not related by blood, she and her tribe are, in a very real sense, a part of my family. As Senior Housing Forum grew I found I was being overwhelmed by simple but really important tasks. I reached out to Kandi and she joined the team. They say you shouldn’t hire family, but bringing Kandi onboard is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  

    Since she joined the team I have discovered she has some real talent as an author. While you will find her name on just one article she has been my silent partner on a number of other articles published under my name.

My Life Savers

Each month I need to produce 20-45 articles. Pam, Sue and I do the bulk of the writing, but I would be remiss without offering a big thanks to Leslie Quintanar, Kent Mulkey and Dan Hutson, who together produce half a dozen or so articles each month, providing me some breathing room to write, think and do other things that keep Senior Housing Forum growing.

The Senior Housing Forum Partners

Senior Housing Forum is how I make my living. It is the greatest job I have ever had. It would be impossible for me to make a living at this without the support of the partners. I am honored that they allow us to tell their stories each month.

You Readers

Finally, I am so grateful for every single person who reads Senior Housing Forum. I am humbled when you tell me how much you like what you are reading and I am humbled when you disagree or just make suggestions.

I am done . . . I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Feel free to share your thanks below.