By Steve Moran

I wish I could remember who I stole this question/idea from. Maybe Gary Vee, but not sure. Here is the big question:

Thinking about the work you do in senior living or whatever arena you work in …

If the way you do your job, from people interactions to job financial performance, were the only thing that people knew about you, would you be proud of what they think about you?


As most of us live our lives, we interact with other people, and we consciously make decisions about what those interactions look like. Those interactions leave impressions on those individuals. They can actually have a profound impact on other people.   

This includes people on the road around you when you drive, people you stand in line with at Starbucks, people who work at Starbucks. The airline staff you interact with when you travel … the list goes on and on.  

As the Boss

Most of our readers are “bosses,” and as a boss, you have a profound impact on the lives of your team members — and in senior living, on your residents and their families. Drill down into this question by doing this:

  1. Think about yesterday. If someone followed you around for the day, for the first and only time, what would they be thinking about you?
  2. Think about today and tomorrow. What can you do as you wander through life to make people think well of you — not for your sake but for theirs?