Have you ever climbed one of those staircases with each step painted to form a spectrum of colors?

By Susan Saldibar

Have you ever climbed one of those staircases with each step painted to form a spectrum of colors? If you have, then you know that they are both functional and pleasing to the eye. They are called “rainbow staircases” and Mackenzie Craven, Director of Brand Strategy and Creative Services for G5 (a Senior Housing Forum partner) thinks websites should be more like them.

“The first question, is ‘Do you like it’? That’s a subjective question,” she explains in a new G5 video. “The second question is ‘Can you use it?’. And that’s not subjective. But you need both to design a website. You can’t have one without the other.”

After watching this video, it made me realize so many organizations are missing the mark with their websites. Some still think it’s sufficient to splice together an assortment of landing pages with a simple home page and a “contact us” button. Others create gorgeous but vacuous sites that don’t provide anything tangible or useful. If either of these website scenarios sounds like you, there’s good news. There are a lot of resources out there to help. G5 is one.

Data-backed design is not a catch phrase, it’s a very real discipline that pulls in leads.

It’s called “data-backed design” and, according to G5, the “do you like it” and “can you use it” touchpoints are just the tip of an iceberg for some serious calculations that determine how you identify, attract and capture your ideal prospects.

We all know who those ideal prospects are: the adult child, the prospective resident and (don’t forget) the job seeker. Leave out just one and your site isn’t performing 100% for you. And that’s not all. You need to target all three, stay on message and protect your brand. All at the same time.

No wonder it’s so hard to get this right. According to Mike Wolber, G5 Sales Enablement Manager, this is where data comes into play. Data matters more than ever. As he says in the video, “We have access to an abundance of data. We can measure how leads are coming through the front door, and how they are converting on your website.”

There are tangible results for those who take the time to get it right.

The key to websites, as the G5 team sees it, is to maintain a tight focus on your target visitor and use the right types of data to influence the design. Get this balance right and you can create a website that looks beautiful and converts qualified leads.

Those who are willing to take the time to do this right definitely reap the rewards. Quinton King, President of Brightwater Senior Living, points to the fresh thoughts and ideas G5 brings for the impact they have made. As he states in the video, “G5 has brought us an increase in occupancy, increase in census, increase in productivity.”

My takeaway is that you really need to live and breathe this stuff daily to get your website to the status of Mackenzie’s “rainbow staircase.” Watch the short video G5 has put together that explains it all. You can also read more in their recent article, “How Insights Drive Design,” or contact G5 to find out more about their website design.

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