By Steve Moran

One of the best parts of putting together the Our Time To Shine Virtual Summit was the chance to meet some new people, to develop some new friendships. One of them was Matt Paxton, the host of Legacy List, the #2 rated TV show on PBS. It is a show that is made for senior living.

During each episode, he goes into the home of someone who is downsizing and looks for treasures that will be meaningful to the person downsizing or to their family members and then helps with getting rid of the rest of the things.

It has family history, US history, and world history. It hits on powerful family stories and legacies.

Casting Call

Matt comes out of the professional move manager world and knows senior living well. He is currently looking for new people to feature on his show. We jumped on a Zoom call to talk about it. And it could be the perfect way to help get one of your stuck prospects moving. There is no cost to the community and no cost to the family. In fact, Matt will often pay part of the cost of the downsizing.  

Who He Is Looking For

He is particularly interested in interesting, maybe even over-the-top people. Also, people who are likely to have things from American history, World War 2, or the Korean war.

What You Get Out of It

,First, you will get a move-in which is pretty good. Because it is PBS he cannot mention your community during the show, but he is glad to help you get tons of local press coverage. He would also be willing to make a downsizing presentation at your community (depending on pandemic rules).

If you are interested you can reach him through this form.

You can watch the entire interview here: