In today’s fast-paced world, it pays to have convenience.

By Jane Kincaid

In today’s fast-paced world, it pays to have convenience. Devices like iPhones, smartTVs, and tablets give users multiple applications on one device, and setting them up usually requires one phone call or a visit to a store. This saves a user precious time and energy, commodities that are irreplaceable.

Those working in a senior living community know that extra time is gold, whether they spend it getting to know a resident better or looking for new ideas to keep activity programs fresh.

One Device, 30 Days, Free of Charge

LifeShare Technologies, a Senior Housing Forum partner, follows a similar model, but easier. A platform that connects residents, families, and staff, LifeShare allows prospective users to receive their device in the mail, attend a personalized training webinar online, and have 30 days to try it out, for free.

“We don’t have any upfront costs or a large initial investment,” says Miles McCollum, an account executive with LifeShare. “Our pricing is based per device, so a community can start with one device on their front lobby TV, and then if they want to add more as time goes on, they can.”

Senior living providers are as diverse and unique as the residents in them, so for some providers, one device will be just what they need. “With one device, a client will receive all the features we have to offer — digital signage, calendaring, mobile app, notifications, therapeutic music, faith programs, on-demand activity resources, and more,” says McCollum.

User-Friendly Technology

While several large senior living communities are already using LifeShare or a similar solution to keep residents, families, and staff, connected, McCollum says, those that aren’t are usually smaller communities that don’t have any technology. “They frankly might be nervous about trying anything, or they may think it requires a large investment,” he says. “What they don’t know is that LifeShare is very user-friendly and cost-effective, and it requires no upfront commitment at all.”

While these smaller communities are not totally offline (they have internet access), they are still creating paper announcements and calendars and posting them on a bulletin board. It can be easier than this, says McCollum, and take less time.

Users Start Small

“We have a client that is a standard nursing home in a small town, and they have never had a pressing need for technology, but chose to implement CommunityShare,” says McCollum.

It took just one device and the community has never looked back. “You walk into the main entrance and there is a TV displaying their community information,” says McCollum. With just one device, they are saving time by using the calendaring feature and displaying all that information in one place.

“They also use the mobile app and put up their community announcements in an attractive way,” says McCollum. “They’re using their favorite feature —adding photos of residents to display in the digital photo album.”

McCollum would encourage any senior living community that is nervous to try something new, or under the impression that it will take a large investment to get started, to set that fear aside and try LifeShare with no strings attached for 30 days.

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