By Susan Saldibar

“Tenacious, uncompromising and honest” is how Dennis McIntee, Executive Coach at Leadership Development Group, describes Steve Moran, founder of Senior Living Foresight. Those words might also describe the pages of his new book, Lead Don’t Manage. Steve Moran has filled his pages with raw, unfiltered insight that comes from years in senior living, uncovering the “messy truths” of being a leader in an industry going through extraordinary changes.

Using dozens of real-life examples, Steve offers up fresh ideas to successfully lead and build a loyal team. Cheerfully exposing his own vulnerabilities throughout, he takes on the tough questions. The book draws you into a conversation with Steve, where you explore together the makings of great senior living leaders.

It’s short enough that you can read it today and begin to transform your own leadership style tomorrow. The only question, as Steve would ask, is “Will you?”

Here are 5 of our takeaways from Lead Don’t Manage. We’ll leave the rest for you to discover yourself. 

Takeaway #1: You Don’t Have the Relationship with Your Team You Think You Have

It is imperative to build authentic friendships with your team. Without doing so, nothing else will work. Steve explains why a fist bump and a “Hey, how are you doing?” isn’t a relationship, although many leaders argue that it is. This isn’t easy to get right. But when you do, everything gets better.

Takeaway #2: Helping Your Staff Attain Their Personal Goals Will Help You Meet Yours

What’s mind-blowing is that this is true. And, if it results in a team member you mentored leaving to pursue their own interests, better yet. Others will soon know how great working in your community is.

Takeaway #3: It’s Not Just “Okay” To Show Vulnerability, It’s Critical

Steve explains how important it is to admit mistakes and encourage honest input from your team. That level of transparency brings with it a vulnerability that may be uncomfortable at first. But it is key to leading authentically and building a stronger team.

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Takeaway #4: Trust Your Staff To Be “the Best”

How are you demonstrating “trust” for your front-line staff? How are you encouraging autonomy? Steve shares an example of the devastating impact of lack of trust, and how to keep it from happening in your community. If you tell them they’re “the best”, they soon will be.

Takeaway#5: Become a “Servant Leader”

As Steve describes it, a “servant leader” is someone who “sees their primary job as doing whatever it takes to empower their team members.” That means empowering everyone, down to your front-line staff. Your narrative needs to change from “follow what I do” to “what can I do for you?”

Parting Thought

And, one more parting thought: Even if you’ve read every book on leadership and think you have already squeezed every drop of wisdom from every great leader, Lead Don’t Manage is still a must-read. The insights and savvy Steve gained through his own leadership journey and shares with candor and humility make this book a gift to readers. You can get your own copy of Steve’s book HERE.