But what if you could do a “Match.com” sort of thing with your leads? What if lead choices were as close to a “perfect match” with your community as possible?

By Susan Saldibar

When was the last time you checked your sales database? What have you got in there? Name, address, phone, email (if you’re lucky)? Maybe even age, gender?

But what if you could do a “Match.com” sort of thing with your leads? What if someone who knew what kind of leads you wanted could present you with lead choices that were as close to a “perfect match” with your community as possible?

Cool, right? That’s what Tom Goldman, COO of SoftVu (a Senior Housing Forum partner) thought when he and SoftVu CEO Tim Donnelly, rolled out their SeniorVu lead generation and nurturing platform a while back.

Why should banks get better leads than senior housing operators?

Steve Moran caught up with Tom for one of his conversations videos; to find out more about SeniorVu and how are they able to get such a great “match” with their data?

The idea for SeniorVu came out of Tom and Tim’s previous experience in the mortgage banking industry, where they are able to match banking prospects to lenders, with a high level of accuracy, using sophisticated algorithms. So the question became, why not do this for the senior living industry to replace their old, ineffective lead generation methods? So that was the impetus that got them moving to ambitiously build a database of all the seniors and adult children in the U.S.

SeniorVu pretty much predicts your future residents.  

So what’s in this database of seniors and adult children? A lot. “We know who they are, where they are, their behaviors, psychographic information, and all the demographic information you could possibly want,” says Tom.

Correspondingly, they have a similar database of all the independent living, assisted living and memory care communities, including their locations, prices, and amenities they provide to seniors.

The “match” part comes out of a set of sophisticated algorithms, which predict who the likely future residents of any senior living community might be. That means the marketing efforts can start early, introducing the family and resident to a specific community that might eventually become a prospective home for their senior.

Is this just creepy? Or really cool? Or both?

This is where Steve brought up the potential “creepiness” of having all this data on hand and being able to market to a future resident before they even know they need assisted living!

Tom gets the concern, but is quick to note that the data remains private, used only to match a senior and family to the right community. So no one ever sees it. And it allows the community to get in front of future residents in advance. “We can use our marketing automation engine to begin the process of early nurturing of what you might term a ‘pre-lead’, even before they raise their hand, at a fraction of the cost.”

Steve acknowledged that this is pretty cool. It does make a lot of sense. For one thing, it saves dollars for the community. “And, really, if you’re the consumer, and I know this gets creepy, but if I’m going to get ads delivered, I’d rather have them pertain to something I might actually be interested in,” says Steve.

Good point. So maybe we need to get a little “creepy-cool” with our data to get smarter about how we approach future residents.

Decide for yourself. This is part 1 of 3 really insightful video conversations between Steve and Tom. More coming . . .

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