By Jack Cumming

The 75 Words Writing Club met shortly before Christmas to share on the topic “A Memorable Christmas Gift.” The 75-word limit is a challenge. The stories are memorable.

Charley was one of those few who come to a CCRC but never fit in. He couldn’t hear.

Charley was lonely and happily awaiting life’s end.

Everyone else had a circle of bantering friends. Charley was alone.

Then a miracle happened. As the Christmas dinner tables were being reserved, Mary, one of the in social set, phoned Charley and asked him to join their table. That changed everything.

It was the best Christmas gift ever.

Other stories similarly spoke to the heart through 75 words.

Helen and Bill Wembly lived in the same house for the 64 years of their marriage. They never had children.

One year, as the days grew colder and the nights longer, neighbors noticed that the Wemblys’ mail was piling up.

A police wellness check was scheduled for Christmas Eve. After entering, the unmoving Wemblys were huddled together. The medical report was of severe dehydration leading to coma and demise.

Christmas found the Wemblys together forever.

Jim Hanley’s story has a happier ending.

Jim Hanley lost his wife six months ago. As summer turned to fall and fall to winter, he grew sadder and sadder. Jim’s daughter, Ellen, worried. He looked increasingly haggard.

Fortunately, Happy Folks Home, under new ownership, had a vacancy just right for Jim. Jim moved in. Ellen flew in for Christmas. Her Dad was transformed.

Her dad’s happy face filled Ellen with joy as she shared Christmas dinner with him and his new friends.

What’s your Christmas story in 75 words or less?

Will Christmas find you among residents, with your family, or alone? Do you have a different tradition and feel lost in the quasi-religious significance of many end-of-year observances?

Whatever your situation, we wish you all blessings of the season and a happy, fresh start to the coming year. May 2024 be the year of fulfillment for you and those you love and cherish.

Happy holidays!

Editor’s note: These stories were written by the author, but the writing group is real. Cool idea for a group, right?