Senior Housing Forum welcomes the best lead generation website in the senior living industry.

I know, you are thinking . . . what a bold or maybe even arrogant headline.  

I would agree with the bold part, but not the arrogant part.  Let me explain . . . I need to start by saying that I wrote this article to announce that is the newest Senior Housing Forum Partner.  It is a big win for us because I do believe that is the best and most important inbound lead generation company providing services to the senior living community.

Here is why they are the best

  • They have more than 2 million visitors each month, most of them looking for senior living options.  These are your prospects and they are a lot more likely to find you, tour your community and, most importantly, move into your community if you are working with
  • They have more senior living consumer reviews than any other consumer review site in North America.
  • Having a relationship with makes it much more likely that, when searching for senior living options, people will find out about your community and contact you.
  • There are perhaps three dozen websites focused on lead generation for the senior living industry.  Their business models and cost structures are all over the map.  Frankly, many of them just plain don’t rank very high in a Google search. It would be a waste of money and time to try to work with all of them.  If you talk to senior living gurus and ask which sites are most important, will almost always be #1 or #2 on the list.
  • Partnering with a lead generation company takes both time and money.  It is particularly important to partner with companies that will give you good value for your dollar. is uniquely appealing because they have a variety of business models you can choose, based on your needs and preferences:
    • If you want a free listing, has that option (Though Very Limited).
    • If you want to go with just the directory leads route with an enhanced listing that will deliver qualified leads, you can do that.
    • If you are strictly a “show me the money” kind of provider who only wants to pay for move-ins, provides that option for way less than other sites charge.

Over the coming months we will be working with to provide you high quality content that will help you grow your census or keep your census up.  Some articles will include stories about how senior living communities have used to boost their occupancy rate.  Other articles will provide you high value information on how to best position your community to get the highest visibility and the most traffic. Finally, if you need more qualified leads and more move-ins, we hope you will have a conversation with about how they can help you. Steve Moran If you like this article (or even if you don’t) it would be a great honor to have you subscribe to our mailing list HERE.