By Steve Moran

Over the last few years I have heard so, so many leaders say they want to quit, change industries, or retire, and more than a few have done exactly that. They felt that way before COVID, and the pandemic pushed them over the edge.

The pressures are real: occupancy, staffing, pressure from capital partners who don’t understand the human aspects of senior living.

But What If … You Decided 

What if you decided to put the radical, ruthless, unbounded joy back into your job? What if you decided that in spite of all the problems, all the people who drive you crazy, who don’t care, who are doing the wrong thing, you were going to be the one person who would put joy into your job, your community, your organization?

Some Ideas

You will likely have your own ideas, but maybe this will inspire you:

  1. Look for moments to simply have fun with your team members, residents, family members, and even vendors. Tell a joke; wear fun shoes, socks, or a funny hat. Take some time to participate in a resident activity.
  2. Take breaks during the day. Go for a walk; go out for coffee or lunch. Call a friend or family member you have not talked to for a long time, or call your best friend that you talk to every day.
  3. Schedule some time to create something or just brainstorm. You might even do this with another team member or two. Break the cycle of simply solving problems.
  4. Take a mental health day, and simply go do something fun, or even go do nothing.
  5. Make relationships your highest priority each day. Look for a way you can put a smile on someone else’s face.
  6. Remember a time you made someone else’s life better.
  7. Remind yourself of your why.
  8. Go home on time. Better yet, leave early.

And for some people … you simply need to leave the space, maybe for awhile and maybe forever.