By Steve Moran

  1. “Will there be food?”
  2. “I hope it is not rabbit food again.”
  3. “We should get paid double for this.”
  4. “And they still expect me to ….”
  5. “Way to turn a text message into a time sink.”
  6. “I really need to go to the bathroom.”
  7. “If I sneak off and take a nap, will anyone notice?”
  8. “The same old people get praised again.”
  9. “This is gonna be so good. Yes it is. … It’s all about attitude.”
  10. “Naw, it sucks.”
  11. “Almost done and early ….”
  12. “Naw … it’s never really gonna end.”
  13. “Is this what hell is like?”
  14. “You want me to do what? Can’t get it all done now.”
  15. “Does corporate have any idea what it is like working here?”
  16. “If only they would ask, I have so many ideas about how to make it better for residents.”
  17. “I just remembered — I will be on vacation when the next one of these happens. … So happy.”
  18. “I just remembered — I promised to call Marge’s daughter back.”
  19. “Can someone just pull the fire alarm?”
  20. “Finally we are really done. Is it quitting time yet?”
  21. “Took 20 minutes, felt like 20 hours.”