MyAnalytics, a new module from MatrixCare®, lets you see crucial, operational data from both a macro and a micro level.

By Pam McDonald

A number of years ago, I worked with a smallish privately-owned senior living company that, at the time, operated 9 communities in different geographic areas. With average occupancy holding steady at 97-98%, they were outperforming their competitors in all their location. For the longest time, I could not detect what they were doing differently – better.

A guy worked there who I’ll call Jim. Jim wandered around the corporate headquarters, chatting and foraging for snacks. He was a nice guy, but I rarely saw him doing what looked to me like work.

The Mystery Solved

I finally discovered what Jim’s job was. Turns out he was their secret sauce – he built spreadsheet models for decision-making about operations. He turned raw data into actionable information – in other words, he delivered business analytics. He was their go-to guy for budgeting, pricing, apartment-type determinations, care-based resident mix decisions, and the like.

Imagine being able to sit down at a computer, type in a few numbers or words, click a few buttons, and Voila! It becomes clear which apartment type to discount in a given city to increase census. Or where, in a specific community’s resident mix, the breakeven point is for diabetes care.

MyAnalytics Can Be Your “Jim”

Well, that type of intelligence is now at your fingertips without your having to go out and find your own Jim. MyAnalytics, a new module from MatrixCare® (a Senior Housing Forum partner), lets you see crucial, operational data from both a macro and a micro level.

MatrixCare®, is a modular, yet tightly integrated, electronic health records (EHR), marketing, and operations management platform. It enables senior living and other long-term care providers to focus on delivering superior care and achieving quality outcomes; to document and communicate within the platform with appropriate family members and others delivering care; and to achieve maximum administrative efficiencies and operating margins.

Rob Price, Senior Product Manager, says, “Some senior living companies don’t have internal Information Technology (IT) departments or system analysts. MyAnalytics can give them those capacities. It is a new solution that empowers senior living providers to monitor their business at a glance. Small, discrete bits of information are presented in a variety of templates that provide actionable information.”

Track Census and Financial Trends

MyAnalytics tracks both census and financial data with several diverse summaries that highlight key trends. Information can be viewed by levels of care, care settings, and regions or communities. Occupancy metrics at both unit and bed levels are included along with financial metrics for revenue, collections, and deposits. Future releases will include marketing lead and clinical assessment data elements.

Rob points out that MatrixCare® has chosen to intentionally invest in robust analytics solutions rather than develop them as a smaller component of the core operational systems. Additionally, MatrixCare® has partnered with Microsoft Corporation to use its market-leading business intelligence software to underpin MyAnalytics. All of this adds up to a market advantage for MatrixCare® where analytics is a powerful complement to the strong operational systems.

No More Slow Downs or System Crashes

Analytics reports have no impact on the operational source system due to the intentional design. Pertinent data is taken out of the production environment and loaded into a data warehouse in near-real time to provide fresh data to the analytics system which responds quickly as users interact and explore important trends.

MatrixCare® took extra steps to ensure usability; they even have a human experience team. Their application’s intuitive design makes setting up the system, generating reports, modifying data, and adding new users particularly easy.

So user-friendly, in fact, that at a recent trade show, a community’s director of nursing was able to conduct an entire assessment on her own without any instructions or assistance from staff.

MatrixCare®’s modular, multi-function software is the system of choice for over 13,000 U.S. facility-based care settings – including senior living, skilled nursing, and home health providers.

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