This is Part 1 of a conversation with Alison Fragale, where we talk about the Male-Female power imbalance.

By Steve Moran

There are a ton of Women in Senior Living Leadership initiatives happening right now and they are all cool. I love seeing my good friends being celebrated for real and serious achievements and we cannot have enough of this kind of celebration.  

Real Challenges

We also need to be talking about the tough, no-easy-answer topics and Senior Housing Forum is committed to being a big part of that conversation. A few months ago, New York Times best-selling author Adam Grant, released an audio-only book through Audible titled Power Moves in which he talked about women in business and power.  

I have a teeny tiny, itty bitty email relationship with Adam, and after listening to this book I thought “ah ha, I can use this to get an interview for our Empower, women in senior living series”, but before I reached out, I thought, “male talking to male about women’s issues, is a stupid idea”. Instead, I asked if he had a suggestion for a woman expert and he immediately introduced me to Alison Fragale.  

She rocks!

A few weeks ago, I spent an hour interviewing her via Zoom. The content was way too rich for a single article, so this is Part 1 of that conversation where we talk about the Male-Female power imbalance.

My Confession

I worry a lot that we like reading about ourselves and our friends . . . and scandal more than we like growth-type content. You may think I am cynical but my readership numbers show this is true. This series of conversations with Alison has been broken into bite-sized bits and is powerful stuff. I beg you not to skip it. This portion and the whole interview will be worth it.