I am grateful and humbled beyond words each day

By Steve Moran

Well, sorta . . . kinda. A few months ago, it became clear that it was time to update the Senior Housing Forum website. While talking with Senior Housing Forum Partner, Sage Age Strategies about what we wanted to do differently, someone suggested changing the logo, which was then followed by the question, “How would you feel about changing the name?”

Ripe for the Question . . .

While I had not really thought much about it, I was immediately intrigued. In the preceding weeks, I had received a small number of emails from people who were reaching out to Senior Housing News and I know Senior Housing News had received missives meant for Senior Housing Forum.

I have always hated the confusion and knowing what I know now, I would have started with a different name.

The other thing I have come to dislike is the word “Housing”. It grossly under describes what the senior living sector does. When done right, what we do is all about living, about helping older people live their very best lives wherever they happen to be on this aging journey and to have their very best last chapters.

Not Married to Anything . . .

Since the very beginning of Senior Housing Forum, I have had no idea what I was doing. I had no advertising background, no publishing background, and no, or at best poor writing skills. They were so poor in fact I almost didn’t graduate from college.

But there were some things I had going for me:

  1. Along the way, I figured out I had the talent to write in a way that effectively communicates important truths and ideas to others.

  2. I have a burning passion to improve the lives of other people, particularly those who are most vulnerable.

  3. I have a driving passion to be successful.

  4. And, I have the willingness to try something new, tweak it to make it better, and abandon that thing if it failed.

The new name is Senior Living Foresight. We are convinced it better describes our intent in serving you and your team members.

Along with the name and logo, there are a few other new things you can expect from Senior Living Foresight:

  • More podcasts and more video. We’ll never stray far from the written word, but we know how valuable and effective video and audio formats are for busy professionals. We know a 30-second summary of a 1-hour long interview can be just as inspiring and useful.
  • Additional content categories. We want to fill what we see as voids in the senior living sector. If you haven’t had the chance, check out our Empower women’s initiative, as well as our Residential Assisted Living tab.

  • Improved user experience. The website is easier to navigate and find the articles you’re interested in. We’re moving from MailChimp to InfusionSoft for email and CRM. Along the way, we’ll ask you to tell us a little more about who you are and what you need, so we can send fewer emails that have a higher value. As an incentive we have created some great downloadable resources we will send you in return for updating your contact information.

I am grateful and humbled beyond words each day by your support and encouragement. We value kind words and we value criticism because we can always do better. We want to do better. We believe in you. So tell us what you need and what we should be paying more attention to. What are we getting right and where are we missing the mark?

The Team . . .

None of what we do would happen without the financial support of our amazing Senior Living Foresight partners. It also takes an amazing team: Pam McDonald, Sue Saldibar, Wendy D’Alessandro, Jack Cumming, Kent Mulkey, Rebecca Wiessmann, and our newest team member Elizabeth George.  While she recently exited from our team for greener pastures, Kandi Short, for several years, was a big part of what we do.

With all my heart,

Steve Moran