A great one day summit on the all important Baby Boomer generation.

People go to seminars, summits and conferences for a variety of reasons.  Some people like them (like me), some loathe them and others are somewhere in the middle.   Most people have a tendency to look for and attend seminars that are targeted dead center at their particular market niche. I would like to argue that, from time to time, there is huge value in attending something on the fringe.   That being said I would like to suggest you consider the “What’s Next Boomer Business Summit” in San Diego California. This is a fringe event for the senior living industry because Boomers won’t become a significant force in senior housing for another 10-15 years.  And yet . . .  this summit will give you a good idea as to how other experts and entrepreneurs are looking at and thinking about this demographic segment that will ultimately define our industry. Here is why you should consider attending:

  • The Most Important . . . or maybe least important: I will be part of a panel on senior living trends that is being moderated by Sally Abrams.
  • You will gain insights into how marketing experts are reaching the boomer and the senior marketplace.
  • You will gain insight into how the financial community is evaluating new opportunities in the senior space.
  • You will get to network with nationally known experts in the senior marketplace.

The Details  

Date: March 13, 2014

Location: San Diego, CA

Event Website and Registrationhttp://boomersummit.com/ Use discount code: wn14smoran for 20% off.

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