By Leigh Ann Hubbard

Have you ever moved?

If you have, you know. It’s one of the most stressful things you’ll do in your entire life. Right up there with death and divorce.

So imagine moving to senior living.

You don’t just have to pack. You have to cull. Downsize. Get rid of things you’ve cherished for decades. You’ll leave your neighborhood, your friends, maybe even family. The life you’ve built.

But, What If?

What if, when you got to your new home, with your few remaining personal items, surrounded by neighbors you don’t know and caregivers you’ve barely met . . . what if on your table were some fresh flowers, along with an unassuming gift certificate? And it said:

A smile forms. You take a deep breath.

And you know that in this strange new place, you are seen, valued, and appreciated. And you already have something to look forward to!

This is what PocketBook Memory (a Foresight partner) does. It allows communities to create this experience for their residents.

Once the new resident receives their video player—which, by the way, features the community’s branding—it can become not only an immediate, cherished heirloom but a bridge builder.

  • It fosters friendships when residents share their video stories with each other.
  • It helps staff get to know the resident as a full, complex individual with fascinating stories to tell.
  • It’s perfect for memory care. No need for bulky albums or boxes of photos.

And how about group story hours? Hook up the player to a big screen!

How to Give PocketBook Memory

There are a lot of things that amaze me about PocketBook Memory—how inexpensive it is (as you’ll see in a second), how many uses it has—but maybe the best part is the ratio of impact to effort. This little gadget packs a huge emotional punch, leading to increased resident happiness and loyalty . . . but for minimal effort from your staff.

Here’s all they need to do:

  1.     Send PocketBook Memory branding materials (like your logo) for the player.
  2.     Buy credits—only $99 per player.
  3.     They’ll receive emailed gift certificates, which they can give residents as needed.

Their work is done! The residents or their families will contact PocketBook Memory and work directly with the company to put together the video.

How easy is that?

To get started—or see a sample—you can chat with one of the most down-to-earth company presidents you’ll ever meet, Bruce Felt. Fill out the form below, and he’ll email you or give you a call. Or ring up PocketBook Memory now, 800-223-3050.

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