Here is why I am looking forward to ALFA. What’s on your list?

It is now less than a week until the ALFA (Assisted Living Federation of America) 2015 Annual Conference in Tampa kicks off. I have listed what I believe will be the highlights for me and I am guessing most attendees:

  1. James Balda Takes Center Stage –  It has been a few months since James took over the CEO position of ALFA. He comes to our organization with a great track record. It will be terrific to hear from him and meet him in person.
  2. Learning More About Credentialing –  Several weeks ago ALFA announced the formation of an independent credentialing body for assisted living. We should hear more about this.
  3. Connecting With Old Friends –  I have hundreds of friends in the industry, some I see at one or more conferences per year. Others I have met only via e-mail and telephone. It will be great fun renewing those relationships.
  4. Meeting New People –  If I could go back in time and give myself one piece of advice . . . well two related pieces of advice, it would be to get involved in organizations like ALFA at the national and local level . . . as a way to make a difference and to meet new people.

    As my network has grown over the last two years I find it has become easier to just hang out with people I already know, but I always commit to meeting some new people. My goal for ALFA is 50 people.

  5. Presenting a breakout session titled 6 Lessons Learned While Touring Senior Communities. – If you were a reader last year you know I published around two dozen articles about my adventures showing up at senior living communities and asking for a tour. I am looking forward to this session that also includes the leadership of Person Centered Care Consultant and public speaker Denise Scott, Kent Mulkey, the COO of Keystone Senior Living, and Lori Alford, the COO of Avanti Senior Living.

    This session takes place on Tuesday afternoon and will be highly interactive, where we will learn new and better ways to do things and motivate team members together.

  6. Moderating a Panel titled The New Generation of Senior Marketing: Instant and Personal – This panel includes Doug Johnson of Real Page, Meghan Lublin of Sunrise Senior Living, and Gary Fernandez of Capital Senior Living. It takes place on Wednesday afternoon.
  7. Listening to some world-class public speakers.
  8. Two Days of Wandering the Exhibit Floor – This is my fourth ALFA and prior to this time I have had the privilege of spending most of my exhibition time at the booth for Vigil Health Solutions, a Senior Housing Forum partner. This year I will be free to roam and see what new cool stuff people are doing.
  9. Hearing Your Story – If you are a reader and we haven’t met it would be outstanding to have a chance to meet while we are in the same place . . . maybe you will be willing to share a great story with me.

Finally, a couple of days ago I was talking to Kent Mulkey about ALFA and he asked me a really interesting question:

“Who should I meet while I am there?”

It was a great question and I gave him several suggestions. But I want to throw the question out to you. There is a little pop out box at the bottom of this page with just one question:  Who would you recommend that Kent meet? There is room for up to three names. Your  responses will be anonymous.

See you next  week.