By Steve Moran

I sat down this evening and decided to make a list of reasons why you shouldn’t, and I won’t, miss the spring NIC conference that takes place in Dallas in March.

  1. Any time you can get away from the office and call it work is a good enough reason to get away.
  2. Everyone else will be there.
  3. You will get to network with the most successful operators in the industry.
  4. You will get to network with the best capital providers in the industry.
  5. You will get to learn from some of the finest experts in the senior living industry.
  6. They have the best food of any event.
  7. They have the best drinks of any event.
  8. You will walk away feeling refreshed and inspired.
  9. You will make some new friends.
  10. You will get to hang out with some old friends.
  11. You will get some new ideas that will help you lead better.
  12. Changing your environment will give you a fresh perspective.
  13. It will push you to be more effective as a networker.
  14. It will challenge you to think about things in new ways.
  15. You will hear from world-class economic thought leaders.
  16. If you are looking for a new job, it is a great way to find that perfect new boss.
  17. If you are looking to hire someone, it is a great place to find that perfect leader you are looking for.
  18. If you are selling products or services it gives you the opportunity to meet new prospects.
  19. You will get enough steps to close all your rings or hit your goals for the day.
  20. It will be better weather in Dallas than where you are right now … probably.
  21. You will discover new business opportunities.
  22. You will have a better handle on trends in senior living.
  23. There will be great after-hour parties and dinners.
  24. What happens in Dallas shouldn’t stay in Dallas. You will take new ideas and inspiration back to your team.
  25. You might get a chance to be on video with me.

Register for NIC here.