By Steve Moran

Recently, I had the amazing Arrow Senior Living leadership duo Amanda Tweten and Stephanie Harris on Foresight TV. If you haven’t watched, you should. It is a pretty crazy experience. That video …

  1. Will end up with three to four times as many views as a typical Foresight TV episode
  2. Already has three times as many shares
  3. Has 20 times as many comments

Many of those watching and commenting are Arrow Senior Living team members who are also Arrow Senior Living fans. They love their jobs, they love their organization, they love the senior living industry. Here is a sample:

And that is just a few of them.


One of the hardest parts of interviewing leaders who create great cultures is that when I ask them about how they did it, they kind of go, “I don’t know. It is just what we do, the way we are.” It is frustrating because I want them to tell me they thought about it, created a formula, and then executed. Mostly, though, what happens is that they just care like crazy about their team, and they work on ways to show that care, make work fun, and allow team members to be their very best.

Culture Machine

What Arrow Senior Living leadership have done is create a “culture machine.” This machine is all about being the best senior living organization to work for in the country — actually, to be the best company to work for in the country. Here are some of the things they do, from my perspective:

  1. They are deliberate about creating culture.
  2. They care like crazy about having happy, growing team members.
  3. They trust their team members. If you watch the livestream, they talk about how when you work for Arrow, you only have to be afraid of God and the police, not your leaders.
  4. They put effort and money into what they do. I know this is true. I don’t have anywhere near all the Arrow stuff they produce, but I have way more Arrow stuff than I do from any other company, including my own.
  5. They are never content with where they are at.
  6. They fail sometimes.

They have created a culture machine. This culture machine makes for happy team members, happy residents, and higher occupancy, and it simply makes work a lot more fun.

How about you? Do you have a culture machine?