In partnership with OneDay, Capital Senior Living is transforming the way they connect with their residents and their families.

By Fara Gold McLaughlin

While today Capital Senior Living is reporting many of the same occupancy and revenue challenges seen across the country, they are also investing in OneDay (a Senior Housing Forum partner), and mobile application that allows users to celebrate and digitally preserve the stories of their residents. Capital Senior Living is the first national senior living company of its size — 129 communities across the United States — to create more impactful storytelling experiences and capture residents’ stories as a gift to future generations. 

According to Capital Senior Living Chief Executive Officer, Lawrence Cohen, “The OneDay app is transforming the way we connect with our residents and their families. Not only does it capture the valuable perspective of this incredible generation, it provides a unique opportunity for our staff to build deeper connections with our residents, all while creating cherished keepsakes for their family members.”

Brett Lee, Chief Operating Officer for Capital Senior Living, is “excited to offer our community staff a great tool to help them create a welcoming environment for inquiring prospects and to establish meaningful relationships from the very beginning.” Lee sees OneDay, “as a way to help our staff work smarter and not harder to establish trust and a bond between residents and their families.” He goes on to say, “OneDay stands out from many technology options as the easiest for our staff to learn and use, having a structured format and cloud-based storage.

OneDay At A Time

The OneDay mobile application is an interactive, personalized storytelling tool, prompting the user to ask meaningful questions to initiate resident conversations and capture memories in a digital video format for archival and historic preservation.  

Brett Lee envisions, “creating a resident library with memories possibly never shared or long forgotten and now captured with OneDay to establish a legacy of the individual’s life, as a gift for their loved ones and a permanent record of the resident’s unique life experiences.” Capital Senior Living communities will be unique in their respective markets through the early adoption of OneDay as a market differentiator among their competitors. Lee believes, “Offering the OneDay experience to our resident’s families lays the foundation for deep and lasting relationships and aligns with our Capital Senior Living commitment for our communities to be warm and welcoming places for residents and their families.”

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