By Jack Cumming

It’s been 60 years since Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of a time when people would be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. We have a hardworking chap of color working at our CCRC who has faithfully performed the most menial of tasks for over 25 years with little recognition beyond that from grateful residents. He’s never advanced.


Are you like this humble servant, taken for granted for giving loyal service? Do you undervalue yourself? I thought of this recently when Simone Biles returned unexpectedly to reassert her skill as one of the world’s leading athletes. Her return was a triumph of confidence, just as her absence reflected the “twisties.” We all have our twisties from time to time. Those are the moments when we feel like we are failing.

Simone Biles was born into a difficult situation, but she was lifted up by others, and she seeks to do the same now for everyone. In releasing her autobiography before the pandemic, she said, “I want people to reach for their dreams, and there are so many people who have inspired me with their love and encouragement along the way, and I want to pass on that inspiration to readers.” She is a beautiful soul. You, too, are a beautiful soul. Believe in yourself.

You know the story, though. Simone Biles suffered challenges of self-worth despite being at the pinnacle of her athleticism. She took a break from being in the public eye and withdrew to find herself. Many criticized her for taking time away from what they wanted her to be, but she endured those slings and arrows. She also found a partner for life, and they married in April 2023. A good partnership can lift up, just as a troubled one can harm.


Simone Biles has matured remarkably during her time of absence. That maturation was on display just a short time ago when she brought an audience to their feet in awe at her seemingly effortless performance of perfection in the floor exercises. It was a moment of triumph. Whether you wash dishes, empty trash, or make technology work, you, too, can have a moment of triumph, and with even a smidgen of justice, the world, your boss, and higher management will notice the content of your character.

How did Simone react to that moment? We can find ourselves in her self-reflection, and through that, we can know how we, too, deserve our triumph and how we, too, can believe in ourselves. In the afterglow of her triumph, Simone said, “Everybody in here believes in me, and my teammates believe in me — my coaches, my family, everyone — so I just need to start believing in myself a little bit more. But it feels amazing, and I love the fans; I love the crowd. It was really special.”


A career in senior living with the right “coaches” and the right “teammates” can give you that same triumph. Simone sought the best coaches. You can find the right situation for your talent. The residents are your fans. They want you to have that moment of exhilaration.

Believe in yourself. Bring your best game. Raise your performance toward perfection. Love others. Life can be really special.