By Jack Cumming

Association of Angry Americans (AAA)??

The challenge was to find a name that would go to the top of the alphabet charts. We got to three A’s. We wanted four, but that was a reach. We settled for three. Truth to tell, though, this was all just a comic fantasy one day while completing a boring chore. Here’s my rant.

Sometimes all that is left is to know that you’re angry and to leave it at that. We can’t always get what we want, even if it’s what would be best for everyone. We should never let that eat at our souls. There’s a time to just be angry and to feel the rage. Don’t act on it. But don’t deny it. Just feel it.

A Place for Anger

That might be the purpose for the Association of Angry Americans. We’re angry that more isn’t done about climate change. We’re angry that our two parties delight in battling with each other instead of doing their job as Americans. We’re peeved that CEOs are paid so much money but that they do very little to earn it.

We’re pissed that we’re expected to work a 40-hour week despite all the productivity improvements since June 26, 1940, when 40 hours was written into the Fair Labor Standards Act. We’re angry that so much food is thrown out when people in our world are going hungry. Even more, we’re angry that some people have so much when others have practically nothing at all. It’s just not fair.

We have much to be angry about. Let’s feel it. Let’s even voice it. Maybe, together, our fantasy Association of Angry Americans might make a difference. “We’re mad as heck, and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

In High Places

Congress, get your act together or go home. If you can jabber about a minimum wage, why isn’t there a maximum wage? Why do you sit in Congress divided by party and an aisle, instead of all mixed together as Americans like the rest of us? Why do you let one or two leaders screw up everything for all of you, and for us? Why do you go to Congress to represent us and then only vote along party lines? Can’t you think for yourselves?

Mr. President, stop politicking and bring us a vision that’s above the fray. We need action, not smiles and handshakes. Why do we have a legal system when what we need is a justice system? Why don’t our military academies have schools of diplomacy? We’re angry that there’s so much angry killing in our world… killing that resolves nothing other than who rules and how.

Down to Earth

And, closer to home, we’re angry that so many businesses, including many senior living businesses, whether for-profit or nominally non-profit, put sales before mission, occupancy before community, and excuses before customer and employee satisfaction.

We’re angry that the good name of Karen has been besmirched by some self-absorbed situational autocrat named Karen who has hurt all the loving Karens in our lives. But, I’m glad that Shakespeare’s Katherine, Kate, a long-ago shrew, is now a regal name graced by a lady of stature. It can be good to vent our angers and get them behind us to free our souls for love.

Wow… that felt good. So much anger expressed and purged. Of course, we have work to do. Our angers are but a call to action to make life better for all of us.


But… wait… my fantasies are once again taking flight. That struggle with A’s to find the top of the alphabetic listing. I think I’ve got it. Let’s form the Association of Anti-Anger Amicable Americans (AAAAA). That should do it. Five A’s, all lined up in a row. That’s it. With our angers voiced, our hearts turn to gladness.

We’re grateful for this beautiful earth into which we are blessed to have been born. I’m glad that I’ve never had to go to war. It was close but I lucked out. I’m glad for my family and only wish it were more idyllic. We’re grateful to live in a nation with citizen values worth fighting for.

So Many Blessings

We’re grateful for American prosperity, opportunity, friends, the American Dream and so much more. In senior living, we are grateful for good jobs with a constructive purpose helping others. We are thankful for the love and appreciation we receive. Often, those who are the most frail are the most loving. We are grateful for the bonds that unite us.

We’re glad for the meaning that having purposeful work brings to our lives. We matter. We make a difference. That’s a good feeling. We love going home at night with good exhaustion, knowing that we have given our all to benefit others. We love that in nurturing others we ourselves are nurtured.

We are blessed in so many ways. We are amicable Americans and AAAAA is our association.