By Steve Moran

Problems, problems, problems. … We spend so much time thinking about, talking about, and worrying about things that are going wrong.


We pretend that things are going great when maybe they are not really going all that great. I belong to a CNA Facebook group titled “CNA’s are AWESOME” and came across this story that continues to make me smile days after I read it.

Here is the text:

Today I got to work with one of my favorite residents (let’s call her G). G cannot speak much. She says “no”, “thank you” and sometimes “yes”. She can have some behaviors and so a lot of the CNAs prefer not to work with her. I absolutely love working with her because she’s so grateful for the help and is just such a sweetheart. 

Well, today, I had some free time so I went into her room and sat with her. I said “Hey G, do you like singing?” She nods and gives me the best smile. Then I said, “You look like you like Elvis.” Her eyes instantly lit up and she said “oh yes!” So I started singing “I can’t help falling in love with you”. To my amazement, she started singing it with me, kind of. She wasn’t making much noise (just about a whisper) but she was definitely making the words. After I finished, she was crying and rubbed my cheek smiling. Almost made me cry! She said thank you over and over again. I asked if I sounded good and she nodded and kept saying thank you. It made me so happy. Gave her a sweet hug and she just melted into my arms. I think that was the highlight of my job so far and I’ve only been there 2 weeks

Making This Happen

I am sharing this with the permission of the poster and hope and pray that six weeks, six months, and six years from when he wrote this, he will still feel the same way. He is a unique person who is able to see the power of what he is doing. Not everyone on your team has that same gift, but you have this amazing opportunity to help them see how they are changing the world. And when they know they are changing the world like this, they will love coming to work.

Thanks, Christian, for your passion for others.