By Susan Saldibar

With all the problems we have in this industry, here’s one you can cross off your list:

Delayed or lost move-ins due to a prospect’s house that must first be sold.

And this problem represents up to 70% of your prospects. Don’t think so? Ask your sales counselors. 

Until now, the fix has been to flick the real-estate-agent-connection switch and move these prospects (who really need your help) to the back burner.

With a little luck, maybe they come back in six or seven months. More likely, they’ll get tangled up in all the stuff the agent needs them to do to sell the house. And all that time, they’re missing out on all the health and emotional benefits of moving into your community.

So you are missing out on welcoming a new resident. And the revenue that comes with them.

Here’s how sales counselors are crossing that problem off their lists. 

They’re clicking the Mom’s House (a Foresight partner) prompt on their CRMs.

It instantly connects them to one of over 1,000 compassionate transition specialist home buyers who pay fair market value for your prospect’s house, as is. Think of what that means. No clean-out, no repairs, and no commissions. That means, usually within a few weeks, you have a prospect ready to move in. What’s that worth?

If you caught up with them at Argentum, you already know how popular Mom’s House has become, which is why they’ve been busy inserting their APIs into senior living CRMs all over the country to make it super easy to click them into action. This raises the question:

Why isn’t everyone using Mom’s House by now? 

Maybe it’s the assumption that Mom’s House is …

  • A placement agency. WRONG.
  • A glorified real estate agent. WRONG.
  • A moving company. WRONG AGAIN.
  • An insensitive internet “iBuyer.” SO WRONG!

Then what is Mom’s House? Glad you asked. 

  • Mom’s House is a new breed of senior transition specialists.
  • They will buy your prospect’s home as-is.
  • They won’t bait-and-switch, only to low-ball like “iBuyers.”
  • Their model enables them to pay a good, fair market price.
  • They will serve operators with as few as 10 sites to hundreds of sites.
  • They have a nationwide network of over 1,000 senior transition specialists.
  • They are 100% free to all parties.

Now that you know what Mom’s House is, what do you think using their service would do to boost your move-in rate? Raise your sagging occupancy numbers? Improve your bottom line? If you would like nothing better than to cross out the “We need to sell a house first” problem, now is the time to get the Mom’s House API added to your CRM.

To find out how you do it and how it all works, click here to learn more or register for their services.