By Steve Moran

Would this work to recruit team members or resident prospects?

A few weeks ago Fox News published a story about a Jersey Shore attraction that needed to hire for about 800 summer positions and created “flyers” in the shape of Seagull poop. … No wait … stick with me on this story. They stuck them on car windshields to recruit summer workers.

While I am thinking that bird poop might not be quite the right shape, the right idea for promotion of senior living, there have to be things that would grab people’s attention. And look what happened here. Not only did it grab the attention of workers, it also got the attention of a national news outlet.

And one more thing …. Who wouldn’t want to work for an attraction that would be willing to have the courage to put out in the world bird poop fliers?

I would love to hear your thoughts on what would work for senior living — particularly if you did not have to be worried about being called ageist.

I even find myself wondering how we could do this at Foresight.

Photo Credit: Fox Business news