Do you think it’s a little bit scary that a potential resident’s family can find out almost everything about your community without ever leaving Google?

By Susan Saldibar

Do you think it’s a little bit scary that a potential resident’s family can find out almost everything about your community without ever leaving Google?

And now, the great and powerful Google allows consumers to “suggest edits” to your page. Did you know that? How about the expanded capabilities of local SERP (Search Engine Results Page)? Let’s discuss how these changes can affect your SEO, lead generation and brand reputation.

Be up-to-date on this rapidly changing topic

Your team needs to be up-to-date on this rapidly changing topic.  But are you confident they are?

I spoke with Ashley Nichol, Director of Client Success for G5 (a Senior Housing Forum partner) recently, and we talked about changes to Google My Business (GMB) and expansion of local SERP. It’s interesting stuff. But, as you know, things change quickly in the online landscape.

Thankfully, G5 has this sorted out and Ashley shared with me, courtesy of Patrick Judge, G5’s SEO Performance Manager, some of the recent key changes that you’ll want to keep on top of for GMB and new elements of SERP.

  1. The amount of information on SERP has expanded. Users can now filter results by reviews, services provided and hours open. And Google now shows review stars for businesses with fewer than 5 reviews. So, if you have a few less than exceptional reviews, you may be judged unfairly and passed up. Stay on top of your online reputation through frequent monitoring of review sites.

  2. Google is pulling directly from Google My Business. Make sure all your content on GMB is current and complete. It will directly feed the Google SERP information!

  3. Google may have updated your listings, based on someone else’s input. It depends on who “owns” the listing. Check all your listings and citations on third party sites and make sure they are accurate. As the “owner” of the listing, in some cases third parties can access and edit your information. Stay on top of your business listings so you can be in control of your brand.

  4. Old photos are now obvious to users. We all know that photos are the best way to engage with your audience. Keep your photos fresh on GMB. Users can now see when a photo was added. Outdated images do not represent your brand and may indicate a limited online presence, which could lead to a negative sentiment.  

  5. Reviews are now essential elements on Google. As if we even have to mention this. You can’t avoid the process of soliciting reviews any longer. You need them now more than ever. And, as mentioned above, users can and will sort by reviews.

A Place For Mom May be Changing Your Phone Number.

When did you last check?

Ashley Nichol stresses the importance of checking your listings. “Sites like A Place for Mom and others have been known to change phone numbers on listings from that of the senior living community to their own phone numbers,” says Ashley. “It’s possible because the listing is on their site. They ‘own’ the listing. If you don’t check regularly, you may be losing out on leads.” Watch Ashley’s video to learn more about how to take control of your citations.

Above all, make sure your marketing team is staying on top of the rapidly evolving SEO landscape. It’s a tough world out there. Make sure you’re equipped to compete.  

You can read Patrick Judge’s full blog here. For more information about how G5 can help you stay on top of all your digital marketing programs, visit the G5 website.

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