Does video really sell?

By Susan Saldibar

LifeShare Technologies just made a smart move. They have partnered with HeartLegacy, a provider of video-based apps for marketing, sales, recruitment, and legacy preservation.  Adding video is a really smart thing to do for any community. The ability to broadcast a range of video content to digital signage platforms and deliver to staff, residents, and their families adds significant value.

I spoke recently with Miles McCollum, Director of Sales for LifeShare (a Senior Housing Forum partner), about why adding videos to the platform is so important to senior living communities and to LifeShare users. “Adding video brings significant added value to senior living communities,” he says. “The video options will help communities build occupancy through deeper engagement with prospects. puts tremendous effort towards providing high-quality content for sales and marketing teams, so the partnership provides an unbelievably robust package for clients to leverage, which I think they are really going to enjoy.”

Here are the enhanced video options that LifeShare is now bringing to communities:

  • Resident Stories – These videos help staff connect with residents and document personal histories, stories, special memories, and family legacies. Resident videos are recorded, edited  and shared with families on their private family network. Each video is professionally edited and customizes each life story video, providing families with an heirloom-quality keepsake for future generations.

  • Marketing Videos – These videos are professionally edited and are perfect for a community’s social media channels and website.

  • Two-Way Video – This is really cool. It’s a secure, 2-way video that connects residents to their families. It also connects staff members to residents, allowing secure communications such as health updates, check-ins, reminders, etc.

The bottom line is that the addition video capability allows LifeShare users to take full advantage of a wider range of video options — from marketing to lead development to sales and, perhaps most importantly, to ongoing engagement inside and outside the community.

Does Video Really Sell?

Given all this, it makes one wonder why do so many communities still look at video as a casual add-on to other forms of communication? Don’t they know that, by 2021, video will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic (Cisco)? Maybe not.

On a broader scale, of course, the challenge for communities will be how effectively they can incorporate video into their daily communications regimen. As more communities become adept at doing this, you have to wonder what will happen to those communities who don’t. And, ultimately, it’s up to senior living marketers to ask themselves, “Which do you want to be?”

For more information about LifeShare Technologies and how they are incorporating video please visit their website or give them a call at 317.825.0320 x2.

 Revised 7-8-2019 12:27pm PDT