By Susan Saldibar

True story. A while back when my daughter FaceTimed (is that a word?) my husband and me, I remember saying out loud,

“I wish we had Caavo!”

I know of someone who would agree. Mary is a resident who lives in Little River, South Carolina, in an SRI Management community called New Haven.

Until recently, Mary hadn’t seen her granddaughter in years — a combination of a West Coast move and the pandemic’s havoc.

This summer, New Haven introduced Caavo (a Foresight partner) into their community. Mary and her granddaughter finally got to hang out.

Easy Connections

Caavo is a little device — smaller than a VCR (remember those?) — that turns your residents’ TVs into interactive systems that …

  1. are super easy to use, and
  2. connect to just about anyone at any time.

Here’s someone who knows about the “super easy” part. Dan is another New Haven resident, who was fumbling around with his Roku device to stream shows and movies.

Have you used a Roku device? There’s nothing “super easy” about them. I have one, and it’s a pain in the neck to operate. So if Dan’s like me, he was probably spending more time staring at it than actually using it.

Then, New Haven installed Caavo.

Not only did Dan no longer need the Roku remote, but he could control his streaming apps with his new (bigger) Caavo voice remote. Super easy.

Kathleen Douglass, executive director of New Haven, agrees. “The thing I’m loving about Caavo so far is that it’s so simple,” she told the folks at Caavo.

Powerful Connections

And Caavo is just as powerful as it is simple.

It creates a two-way connection, not just between friends and family but to staff as well. It allows for:

  1. Remote check-ins. Check in face-to-face via video — personal without being invasive. (The time these check-ins save can be put to use in more in-depth personal visits.)
  2. Concierge access. It’s so much easier for a resident to do a quick Caavo call to ask a quick question, request maintenance, or confirm a schedule.

And what’s so cool is that this can all be done through the TVs sitting in your residents’ rooms!

“We’ve been searching for a TV solution like Caavo for 20 years,” said Shelley Kaiser, COO at SRI. 

Her search is over. Maybe yours could be as well.

To see everything Caavo can do — and how easy it is to use — schedule a demo here.