By Steve Moran

This story has zero to do with senior living but everything to do with all that is good in the world and in human beings.

I belong to a Facebook group for people who have hiked, want to hike, or are fond of the John Muir Trail. Recently someone posted this:

What you might not know is that Mt. Whitney is not a Sunday afternoon stroll. It is 7 very rough miles of hiking to the highest point in the 48 states (yes I have been there).

What followed was a number of posts about the best way to fix it, by people who had no real reason to fix it except to create a better experience for future hikers. About six posts showed up. I’ve posted a couple:

Reading through the post and responses I kind of anticipated a pretty negative reaction. But instead, it was this:

The last post in the thread was this:

It is so easy to get discouraged about humanity. News outlets feed on the negative, the worst behavior of people. That is not the norm, this is the norm. This is who we are as an industry.

Watch Here

You can watch the proposal here (the video is being included with permission).