A few weeks ago I ran a survey that took a look at Senior Housing and Social media.  Here are the results of that survey. For what it is worth . . . .

1.  The results of this survey will be heavily skewed in the sense that the invitation to take take the survey was extended on the internet.  Skewing it even more heavily is that those who took the survey will tend to be people who are more comfortable with the internet.

2.  I was surprised at the relatively large percentage of people who are pretty happy with their web presence.

3.  I was surprised there are almost 50% of the communities that do not use referral services.

4.  Finally, The most surprising result was that the most common response on how many of your leads come from the internet was 10%-30%.  I expected it to be much higher.


Role in the Community


Types of Residents Served

Community Capacity


Web Presence


What percentage of your leads come from the internet?


What percentage of your leads come from referral agencies?


How often do you update your content?


How Satisfied are you with your web presence


Who maintains/updates your social media content?


Some selected comments from the Survey?

“Social media will soon become the primary source in which we get our leads. The baby boomers are going to rely more on social media than generations before.”

“We are a small rural community. Most of our referrals are word of mouth.”

“It will be interesting how new sites like Pinterest help us.”

“Social Media is obviously a blossoming industry. With younger folks thinking about senior living it makes sense to have a presence. Sometimes it’s not the senior themselves who is looking, but an adult child or grandchild. Social media is a cheap, effective way to market. Since it’s low-cost, it doesn’t hurt!”

“It’s been a struggle to get current residents engaged, but we’re starting to see small successes. Some adult children interact with us and some local businesses who provide regular services. Lots of employee leave comments, which fine, but not our target audience. My facility-specific sm users struggle to find time to provide the hand-holding needed for onboarding current residents to social media.”

“It makes most very uncomfortable.”

“I think it’s highly important but our administration does not provide for it.”

“After taking your survey, I need to do in-house research!”

“Since I have been doing more research I believe it will be a good way for our seniors and family members to question senior housing in real time before they even decide who to tour.”

“. . .not exploited very well… boomers are tech savy…”

“We are still unsure of the effectiveness versus time to keep them up…”

“We believe it is going to bring in 60% of our leads over the next 5 years.”

“It would be a great tool to communicate to families – none of the staff members have been willing to participate.”

“Does not seem to be terribly effective just now, but, as more older people use social media, I think it will be a more effective form of advertising.”

“It takes a lot of time.”

Finally, How does this fit with your experience?

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