By Steve Moran

I have a number of Facebook friends who post meme after meme after meme or quote after quote after quote that on occasion support their political views or more often (98% of the time) bash those with different political views.

It Puzzles Me Like Crazy

Those who are posting this CRAP (can’t think of a less vulgar word, though can think of some that are more vulgar) have to know they are being ugly; that nearly all of these memes are designed to only tell the part of the story that makes the other side look bad.

Most importantly, if they stopped and thought about it they would know that when they see posts like theirs coming from the other side, they just get pissed and are even less likely to even consider another point of view.

Hang in here, this has everything to do with senior living and leadership


So Why …

So why do people keep posting these things? The big two are that it makes them feel superior and more critical it makes them feel like they are doing something, which is better than doing nothing. The problem is that they are actually making it worse, not better.

Worse, Not Better

No one, not a single person can work at 100% efficiency, it can’t be done, and if they could, it likely would not be healthy. But I see leaders spend massive amounts of time and more critical energy on things that have zero value; and when leaders spend time on things that have zero value they are making everything worse, not better. They take time and energy from the things that could really make a difference in the lives of the people they lead, in the financial health of the organization, and in the world we live in.

And when it comes to politics it has great potential to alienate others with zero positive payback.

So Many Temptations

The temptations come in so many flavors and forms, they can even be good things done to excess. Posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram even attending too many conferences. I am pointing the finger at myself as much as anyone.

I allowed myself to get sucked into political conversations. And time wasted on TikTok … I don’t even want to talk about it.

The big idea is that we have only limited time and energy and the very best way to spend it is to make an impact on the world. How are you doing?