By Steve Moran

Maybe once a year the family of a senior living resident will stumble across Foresight and reach out because they are unhappy with the care being provided to their loved one and have been unable to get satisfaction.

Once or twice their expectations have been unreasonable, but most of the time their frustrations are real and there is one person in the senior living organization who is creating the obstruction, making the whole company look horrible. (This is a separate article I need to write.)


In pretty much every case, I have been able to cut through the red tape, find someone at the top who can and does make things better. This of course is the scariest part of being a senior living leader: A single person not doing their job well can cause real damage, and you might never know it.

Profiting From Misery

It got me thinking that someone should start a senior living advocate business. An organization where a senior living consumer, resident, or family could pay a fee — say $97 — and talk to someone about their problem, and that advocate could potentially provide guidance and, if necessary, reach out to top leadership to fix the problem.

What do you think?