By Steve Moran

A few times a year I will be approached by a leader who says something like this:

“I love what you write but I get tired of all the sponsored content.”

I am thinking that at least some other readers are thinking the same thing. I was chatting with Faith Ott, the founder of Sage Age Strategies (a Senior Living Foresight Partner) and she suggested that I write an article talking about our business model and why we are convinced it is right for the industry.

And why you should be delighted by it too.

Here Goes

  • When I made the decision to monetize Senior Living Foresight (when it was still Senior Housing Forum), I had two choices as I saw it — banner ads or sponsored content. I liked sponsored content best for two reasons:
    1. I think banner ads are not very effective for sponsors, we have gotten really good at tuning them out.
    2. Vendors are an important part of the senior living space. They are doing some really cool things to make senior living work.
    3. I would also note the third possibility was to go to a subscription based model, but there is a lot of data that suggests this is a really tough business model to make work, though The Senior Living Investor Letter is a great industry example of that model working well.
  • Without sponsored content, Senior Living Foresight would not exist.
  • We publish at least one piece of non-sponsored content each day.
  • It has always been our goal to, even with sponsored content, to include information that would be helpful or informative to our readers even if they never buy anything.
  • Our internal data tells us that often our sponsored content gets read more than our non-sponsored content, which has surprised us and in some cases frustrated us when that non-sponsored content seems really good.

We have spent a fair amount of time talking about alternative ways to pay the bills and so far, this seems to best serve our readers and the senior living sector. That being said, if you have a better idea, we would love to hear your thoughts.

In the meantime, thanks for supporting us by reading and thanks for supporting the fine partners that make Senior Living Foresight possible. To find out more about our partners, scroll through the list below and click on the logos to visit their websites.