The story: Using creative, interactive tools, Leslie Fuller helps people understand folks with dementia better. Get insights that could change how you think about your residents — and make every day better for you, them, and your staff. 

The guest: Leslie Fuller, Inspired Senior Care

Your host: Rachel Hill, Senior Living Foresight.

“[A colleague] had a staff member come back to her after a training one day, and she said, ‘I can’t thank you enough, because I don’t feel afraid of my residents anymore.’ That struck me to the core …. Why do staff leave? They leave for a multitude of reasons. But if you are having staff going in, trying to provide support and care and partnership for individuals who have brain change going on, and they don’t understand anything about what that brain change really means and how it’s going to affect communication and how to maybe help somebody through a difficult time … I might leave too!” 

Leslie Fuller