Reducing readmissions is the big deal for hospital. It is creating huge opportunities for assisted living and skilled nursing. This event sold out in just a couple of weeks but is still important to pay attention to.

In a couple of weeks the first Annual Southern California Readmission Summit will take place.  There will be dozens and dozens of hospitals represented plus skilled nursing and home health providers.   Readmission is such a huge deal right now. This event for 250 attendees was planned by a handful of volunteers and, in less than two weeks, went viral and sold out. While there are no more tickets available, here is why you need to know about this event:

  • The fact that this event sold out with almost no effort tells you how critical the issue is to hospitals and how big the opportunity is for assisted living and skilled nursing providers.
  • This is a huge deal for hospitals. As hospitals work to protect themselves from readmission penalties they will be creating powerful alliances with post-acute providers (including assisted living). Those who are part of the alliances will be big winners and, particularly for skilled nursing, being excluded from those alliances could be a death knell.
  • There will be a national event in October (tentatively October 9) that will be open to more people and will include both skilled nursing and assisted living tracks.

The National Readmission Prevention Collaborative is rapidly becoming the “go to” place for any organization that hopes to be a part of solving the readmission problem. LINKS Southern California Readmission Summit Webpage National Readmission Prevention Collaborative 

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