Looking for your help in developing the most complete top 100 senior living list

Maybe it doesn’t frustrate you, but every time I look at the Ziegler Leading Top 100 list and the ALFA Top 80 list it frustrates me that there is not a single merged list where I can see the top fifty or 80 or 100 that includes both for-profit and not-for-profit providers. I keep thinking we are all in the same industry trying to accomplish the same thing. Shouldn’t we have a consolidated list?

As Frustrating . . .

Every time I look at the ALFA list I see a number of companies that are just plain missing, but are clearly big enough to be on top of the for-profit list.   I got frustrated enough that I commissioned Pam McDonald, at Odd Jobs, INK., to take the two lists, do some merging and add all the missing companies we could find to create the Senior Housing Forum Top 100 list.

Will You Help?

I know there are significant senior living companies out there that don’t show up on either list.  If you know of one of them, it would be a big help in reaching the goal of creating the most complete and accurate list if you would take a look at the two lists and let us know who is missing.  You can either post the name of the company in the comments or send us a quick email. The goal is to have the list available sometime in May, 2014.

Steve Moran

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