It’s Friday . . . Lightening up just a bit: If you could go back in time . .. and more

It’s  Friday . . . Lightening up just a bit:  If you could go back in time . .. and more . . .

A number of articles this week have addressed some challenging areas and hit some nerves. It has sparked some vigorous discussion here and at the Changing Aging Website. 

In addition I received a number of private emails about these articles. One was particularly notable because the writer was incensed at what I wrote. It was heartbreaking because it was from someone who cares deeply about senior living. After some dialog, what has emerged is a wonderful friendship and a commitment to work together in bettering this wonderful challenging world of post acute care and services. It is a story that is worth telling, but the time right now is not right.

I am writing this in the waiting area at Midway Airport on the way home from the What’s Next Boomer Business Summit in Chicago. I am exhausted but had a wonderful time and there will be a trip report soon.

A couple of cool projects I am working on . . . at least I think they are cool and I hope you do to:

Just One Question

If you are at the San Diego NIC conference next week, I want to get you in front of the video camera for just one minute to ask this one question:

If you could go back in time and give your younger self

one piece of advice what would you say?

 There are a few reasons for doing this:

  1. It will be fun.
  2. It will provide valuable advice to the younger generation who are just joining this wonderful world of senior living.
  3. Video provides a new way of communicating important ideas to people who’s best learning style is fed by audio and video.

The video work will be done by the NIC video team who will deliver the raw footage to me for editing and I want to extend a big thanks to them for allowing me to piggyback on their video work.

My Other Video Project

In conjunction with friends of Senior Housing Forum OnShift, Vigil Health Solutions, Sage Age Strategies, Denise B Scott and Marcus Evans we are deep into the production a short video titled Everyone Is A Story. We put about 9 senior living residents in two Eskaton Senior Communities and asked them to tell us some stories.

This 1 minute video is something I shot and edited (not the pro’s) just to give you an idea of where we are going. I expect to have the finished product in about 4 weeks.