2019 opens with 365 days of new possibilities and new opportunities for learning.

By Fara Gold

2019 opens with 365 days of new possibilities and new opportunities for learning.

One of my opportunities is to be a part of “Empower”, the women in senior living initiative launched by Senior Housing Forum. To be a part of this creative initiative and to be asked to “host” this effort is both humbling and an honor.  

I join this initiative after nearly two decades of serving the senior living industry in a variety of roles.  

My Personal History

I started my senior housing career when I was invited to join the Sunrise Senior Living management team in 2002, hired by their courageous and inspiring COO, Tiffany Tomasso to “turn around” the occupancy in the San Francisco market, which was suffering from the internet bust of 2000. Tiffany, along with many other women at Sunrise, taught me first to adopt a core set of values inspired by the Founders of Sunrise Senior Living, Paul and Terry Klaussen.

Within the boundaries of the Sunrise Mission and Values, I was coached to manage, lead, and remember that my first role was as a “Servant Leader” and to use Stephen Covey’s principles to “seek first to understand” and “assume best intentions of others”.

Mission Oriented

Our goal with this Empower series is to inspire every reader, man or woman, to the possibilities of opening their business to the great strength of women in senior housing. As we all know, the majority of our senior housing residents are women, the majority of the decision makers are women, and the majority of the staff in senior living communities are women. We want to both inspire and, most importantly, Empower women to find their voice and use it to help us make the senior living industry better.

You can find our Framework Document at the end of this article

We aspire to raise up the voices of women leaders from every walk of service in the senior living communities and management to share their journeys, struggles, hopes, and dreams for their own growth and the senior living industry. We aspire to have frank discussions about some difficult topics. Together with the diversity of these individuals and their stories, we are creating a place where readers can go to grow, learn, empower, and connect.

We will bring you inspiring and empowering stories through videos and digital content. The only way we are able to bring this new initiative to the senior living industry is through the generous support of our sponsors, including our most notable platinum sponsor, Sage Age Strategies.  

SageAge Founder and CEO Faith Ott brings vitality and energy to our initiative through her successful entrepreneurial voice. She’s determined to help us see how creativity inspires action and empowers all those around us. SageAge brings strategic creativity to supporting the marketing and sales initiatives across companies and communities in senior housing.

Please reach out to me with any ideas, comments, and questions about how you may join our effort to inspire and empower others through the stories of women in senior living at [email protected]. With gratitude for your support.